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A fantastic opportunity has arisen for an experienced freelance project manager to work flexibly, for a minimum of 20 days a year, helping us to create a vibrant music scene for the benefit of local people. £7200 is available for this role over two years, starting April 2014. The project is funded by the People’s Health Trust[1]. The role involves:

  • Liaising with community organisations to encourage local people from St Paul’s and Easton to play or get involved with the Bristol Reggae Orchestra
  • Coordinating a rehearsal and workshop programme for new and existing BRO members
  • Coordinating BRO performances within the local area and beyond
  • Marketing, Evaluation, Fundraising.

For further details or to discuss this post, please contact the Musical Director Norma Daykin at: info@salsanova.co.uk. If you have experience and skills relevant to the above and would like to apply, please send a two page CV and a letter outlining your suitability for the post to Steering Group Chair, Sarah Webb at: sarahjewebb@hotmail.com to arrive no later than 5pm on Friday 7th March.

  1. The People’s Health Trust works with 51 Community Interest Companies raising money to address health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales through The Health Lottery. For further details see the website: http://www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk
  2. Project Manager Role Description
  3. Project Plan (contact Norma Daykin or Sarah Webb as above for a copy)
  4. Project Manager Recruitment Ad

“One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright” – Bob Marley

Bristol Reggae Orchestra is one of the UK’s most unique, inspiring and uplifting community projects. Set up in early 2010, its debut sold out St George’s in Bristol, a renowned classical music venue, and turned it into a seething dance hall. Since then, performances at local festivals, in the St Paul’s community and around the southwest have confirmed the Reggae Orchestra as one to watch.

We are a collective of 40 local musicians, drawing our influences from reggae, ska, jazz and classical music, and include in our ranks professional musicians, students, hobbyists and session players, as well as those who have rarely played in public before. We play a compelling repertoire drawn from bravely crafted originals, many from talented composers in St Paul’s and the wider Bristol area, as well as reggae and ska classics from the likes of Bob Marley and Lord Tanamo. Listen out for our particular blend of toe-tapping, crowd-pleasing world music with verve, commanding solos and an infectious beat.

Originally called ‘The St Paul’s Reggae Orchestra’, the group was renamed ‘The Bristol Reggae Orchestra’ mid-2010 to reflect its wider scope, although it still remains true to its roots in St Paul’s where it rehearses on a weekly basis.

“The band swoops in with the precision of a swing orchestra on holiday in Jamaica. It’s one of Bristol’s most exciting music projects.” Venue Magazine


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