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Mykaell S. Riley (aka Michael Riley)


reggae meets punk article

The Reggae Philhamonic Orchestra:

Formed by original Steel Pulse member Mykaell S. Riley (aka Michael Riley), the Reggae Philharmonic was a noble and bizarre experiment that crossed reggae rhythms with orchestral themes, despite the fact that Riley can neither read nor write music. The idea was to employ the most talented black classical musicians, with Riley adding vocals on top of these arrangements to surprisingly good effect.”

Plenty of numbers on Youtube eg:

The Fool


What is it? Software for creating scores with sound playback. Similar to Sibelius and Finale.
How much does it cost? It is free. Sibelius and Finale are both about £100 each.
Why use it? Can be used to make simple backing tracks to practice to e.g. for soloing. Gives more control over detail than garageband but does not sound so good.
Where can I download it? (Windows/Apple/Linux)
Examples? click here to go to a folder of examples. Then click to download a MuseScore file and open it with MuseScore on your computer, or to play one of the mp3 backing tracks.
Compatibility with Sibelius Apparently you can import/export using MusicXML format files and this should be compatible with Sibelius. This may be problematical for complicated scores.

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